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Q: What ages do you accept?
A: The age limit for patients routinely seen at Children's of Alabama is birth through 18 years of age. Patients 19 years and older may be seen provided they have acceptance from the Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine Team and Children's of Alabama Administration.

Q: What is the typical length of stay?
A: On average, our length of stay is 7-10 days. This is shorter than many other facilities. The length of stay is dependent on the progress of the child. It is our philosophy that the home is the best place for the child, therefore our goal is to get them home as quickly but as safely as possible. There are several factors that guide the timing of hospital discharge: medical stability; is the patient making steady progress vs. plateau; is keeping the patient in the hospital to receive twice daily therapy necessary for the patient to continue to make the same amount of progress; is the family prepared to take the child home; and have they been taught what they need to know in order to care for the child at home. Once these criteria have been met, the patient is considered ready for hospital discharge.

Q: What does a typical day of rehabilitation look like?
A: As an inpatient, your child will be very busy during the day. Therapy will be scheduled throughout the day Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm with a break for lunch and for an average of two hours on Saturday. Evening activities may also be planned with some therapies. Parents are expected to be involved in treatment and perform routine care for the child.

Q: How do I learn more about my child's condition or illness?
A: The Rehabilitation Team will provide educational materials and answer any questions you may have. Written updates will be provided weekly and conferences with parents and team members are scheduled as needed. We encourage you to write down your questions as you think of them so that we can discuss your concerns with you during rounds each day.

Q: When can other family members and friends visit my child?
A: One parent or caregiver must always be with the child. Other visitors should be informed that visiting hours are from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. There may be exceptions. Keep in mind that patients receiving intensive therapy throughout the day also need ample time to rest.