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Post Growth Hormone Testing

The test you had today is called a Growth Hormone Stimulation test. Some of the medications you took are still in your system. In addition to being hungry, you may feel tired, a little queasy, or even sleepy. This is normal and you should take it easy for the rest of the day. You may watch TV, read, or play video games. Do Not play outside or engage in any sport for the rest of the day. Tomorrow, you should be back to normal. You can go go school and do anything else that you like,

We will given your parents a call with your test result with in 10 days. If you do not recieve a call, please call us at 205-638-9107.

If the growth hormone levels in your blood are lower than normal, this is called a "failed test". This means that you will need growth hormone replacement in the form of injections every night for 6 days/week. If you fail this test, your doctor may order an MRI of you head. This is a precautionary test to rule out other problems.

If you fail the test, we will send the results to your insurance company with a recommendation that you take growth hormones. The insurance company decides if you meet their criteria for payment. Approval can take 2 - 6 weeks to complete. Once the medicine is approved, the drug company will sendyou information about your medication. They may send you the name and phone number of a nurse, or the nurse may call you so that you can make an appointment for her to come to your house and teach you and your parents how to give the injections. The specialty pharmacy that your insurance recommends will send your first shipment of medicine.

Your follow up appointment will be scheduled the day the growth hormone stimulation test is scheduled, if not it will be made and our office staff will contact you with the appointment. You must see the doctor a least every 6 months to 1 year. We must get your medicine reapproved every year and the insurance company looks at the doctor's notes and your growth charts to make sure that the medicine is working. Without information from these follow up visits, we cannot get your medicine renewed.

If you have any questions at any time, please call 205-638-9107.

Post Growth Hormone Stimulation Testing (SPANISH)--Cuidado posterior al tratamiento de Hormona de crecimiento