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Children's South Sedation

Sedation At PIC – Pediatric Imaging Center at Children's South

Often young children and children with special needs are not able to hold still for CT and MRI scans that are performed in order to obtain diagnostic images. Here at Children's South, we perform deep sedation routinely, for children 4 months of age through 6 years, and up to 12 years of age if required.

If your physician determines that your child needs sedation in order to hold still for the exam, the exam will be scheduled with sedation. A week before and the day before the appointment an Imaging Sedation RN will call you to give you important instructions about the sedation and ask screening health questions about your child's medical history and confirm your arrival time. Please be sure that your physician has your correct phone numbers to give the scheduling department at Children's of Alabama. You will also receive a letter with the sedation information in it. Again, please be sure that your physician has your correct mailing address information for the scheduling department.

Day of Exam:

You and your child will be escorted back to a prep room where your child will be weighed and have vital signs taken. You will review pertinent health information with the nurse. The sedating physician will examine your child and review the sedation procedure with you. Your child will be taken to the scan room, an IV will be started, and sedation will be given. A nurse will inform you when your child is asleep and will review home care instructions with you. During the procedure, your child will be monitored by the sedation team.

Once the exam is completed, your child will be brought promptly to you and you will be present during the recovery process. Typically, children awaken in about 15 minutes. Once they are fully awake and able to drink liquids, you will be free to go.

Test Results:

The images from your child's exam are interpreted on the same day and a report is sent to your physician's office.

If your physician has any questions regarding the report, he/she may call 205-638-9730.

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