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Growth Hormone Testing

What you and your parents need to know about Growth Hormone Testing

You will need to come to 1601 4th Avenue South, Park Place, Endocrine Clinic. The entrance to the parking deck is on the 16th Street side of the building. You will need to check in at the 1st floor Endocrine clinic desk. Please allow extra time for construction traffic that will be ongoing for the next several months.

The most important thing for you to do is to decide what you want to bring with you for fun: a quiet game, a favorite toy or stuffed animal, a book, homework, or DVD's.

You must remember NOT to eat anything the morning of the test because your stomach needs to be empty. You may have dinner and a snack the night before, but nothing to eat or drink after midnight, no medications until after the test. The test cannot be done if you have a fever. If you are sick and have a fever a few days before the test you must call and reschedule.

Your parents can stay with you during the whole test. Your nurse will be there too.

About the Test:

The test will take about 4 hours.

You will have an IV started. We will put a very small needle into a vein in your arm or hand. The needle may hurt a little when it goes in, but once it tis in the vein and taped in place, it shouldn't hurt anymore. Sometimes it helps to squeeze someone's hand, close your eyes, take slow deep breaths, or think or talk about something fun while we are putting in the needle. You can practice this at home. If the vein gets tired, we might have to start another IV, but usually one needle lasts the whole time.

We will use the IV to take several samples during the test. Your body is making more blood all the time, and we will not take more blood than your body can spare.

You may need to swallow a pill. If you have trouble doing this, the pill can be crushed to make it easier to swallow. Some of the medicines we use may make you fel dizzy or queasy. Be sure to tell us how you are feeling during the test. We will be taking good care of you,

When the test is overm, we will give you a snack and something to drink. Then we will take out the IV (this should not hurt) and you can go eat lunch.

This test can make you feel very tired. You should plan to take it easy for the rest of the day, no sports or strenuous activities. You will be able to return to normal activities the day after the test.  We will call your parents within 2 weeks to tell them the results of the test. If your parents have any questions before or after the testing, they can call us at 205-638-9107.

Pre Growth Hormone Stimulation Testing (SPANISH)--Análisis previo al tratamiento de Hormona de crecimiento