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I-123 MIBG Imaging

What is an I-123 MIBG Scan?

An I-123 MIBG Scan is a test that identifies and localizes certain types of cancer.

This exam requires the use of a radiopharmaceutical through an IV catheter. The imaging portion of the exam takes place on the day following the injection.

Prior to the exam:

Your child should not receive radiographic contrast agents 24 hours prior to the scan.

All children must receive SSKI drops for this procedure. The drops are used to protect your child's thyroid from the radioactive portion of the medicine we inject during the study. They are given for 3 days starting the day before the injection. The physician who orders the study for your child, will give you a prescription and instructions for the SSKI drops, which you can have filled at any pharmacy.

Note: Parents/guardians will be allowed to accompany their child into the exam room.

When you arrive:

You must check in to Imaging Registration, on the first floor of the Benjamin Russell building, 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

If you have instructions to check in at Clinic 8, please arrive 1 hour prior to the scheduled exam time.

Once the registration process is completed, a technologist will greet you and escort you to the nuclear medicine examination room. 

During the exam:

A technologist or nurse will place an IV in your child's arm, hand, or foot in order to inject the radiopharmaceutical (tracer) needed for this exam. Your child will only feel a little discomfort, like a mild pinch.

If your child already has a port accessed in clinic, this will be used for the injection.  Once the tracer is given, the IV will then be removed and the technologist will tell you what time to return to the department for the imaging portion of the test.

The scan will be performed the next day.

The scan takes approximately 45 minutes. Your child will have to lie still during the imaging portion of the test.

After the exam:

Continue to give your child the SSKI drops as prescribed.

Test Results:

The images from your child's exam are interpreted by a pediatric radiologist and a report is sent to your physician's office.

If your physician has any questions regarding the report, he/she may call 205-638-9730.

Question or concern about your child’s exam?