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Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety at Children’s of Alabama

The fundamental mission of the Pediatric Imaging department is to render the highest quality, diagnostic information, while keeping our patients and workers safe from the harmful effects of radiation.  Over the years, this activity has expanded from conventional radiographs, portable radiography and fluoroscopy, to include additional modalities such as; nuclear medicine, computed tomography (CT), as well as positron emission technology (PET).

By investing in the latest equipment, our staff and physicians are empowered to provide high quality, diagnostic images, with significantly less radiation exposure for the patients.

The Radiation Safety Committee is a multi disciplinary team that facilitates cooperation among the various, professional specialties, in order to ensure radiation safety throughout Children’s of Alabama.

Children’s of Alabama keeps radiation exposure at a minimum in following ways:

  • Our technologists are certified or soon to be certified in their respective disciplines.
  • Our medical physicists perform inspections on our equipment.
  • Our Biomedical department ensures that the imaging equipment is operating correctly.
  • Our employees are educated to keep radiation exposure at a minimum.

At Children’s of Alabama, we are very serious about reducing  the exposure to radiation children receive when undergoing imaging procedures. That’s why we’re part of The Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging’s “Image Gently” campaign-http://www.imagegently.org/

Chad Dillon
Radiation Safety Officer