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Common Household Items

Children are often drawn to poisonous household item.

BEWARE! Some of these can be dangerous if ingested.

Call the Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222. The poison specialist can determine if further treatment is needed.

The following are types of common, poisonous household items found in Alabama:

Bleach Bleach Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide
Common exposure
can be irritating to
caustic depending
on the concentration.
Colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that is one of the leading cause of poisoning deaths in the U.S. Accounts for ~50,000 emergency department visits each year in the U.S.

Disc Batteries Disc Batteries Gasoline Gasoline

Very dangerous; can
result in injury to
the throat.

If aspirated into the lungs may result in a chemical pneumonitis.

Prescription Medication Prescription Medication    

91% of unintentional
poisoning deaths are a result of drug overdose.