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Information For Providers

New Patient/New Drug

  • A prior authorization (PA) from the client’s insurance carrier is needed. A PA can be obtained by filling out the “Outpt Pre-Cert Req” note in iConnect.
    • Once this form is completed in iConnect, please Save Incomplete and forward it to “Infusion, PA Request.” Our PA specialists will complete the form.
    • Once this form is completed by the precert team, it will be forwarded to “Scheduling, Infusion” to proceed with scheduling the appointment.
  • Please include clear instructions on drug, preferred date, and appointment frequency in the comments.
  • The PA team may respond back that this medication needs to be a “White Bag” medication, meaning the insurance company prefers to purchase through a contracted pharmacy and ship to COA pharmacy for preparation. Please contact the Infusion Coordinator if this occurs and you have questions.


  • Need to be submitted electronically via iConnect. Orders must include ICD 10 code and diagnosis/indication for treatment.
  • Orders for infusions must be entered by close of business day on Wednesday the week prior to the scheduled treatment to assure medication is available from pharmacy.

Follow up/Return patients

  • Clinic staff will make every effort to schedule the next appointment prior to patient leaving as the orders in iConnect indicate.
  • If the provider needs to schedule a return appointment and PA has been approved, complete the “Outpt Soarian Appointment Request” including the PA expiration date, save the document incomplete and forward to “Scheduling, Infusion”

For Providers not in COA

  • If referring physician is not a COA staff member or have privileges at COA, the physician must gain approval from a covering COA provider, for the patient to be accepted for infusion. There needs to be a covering provider available during infusions in case of reactions.
  • The referring private physician is responsible for obtaining a prior authorization (PA) from the insurance company.