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Safe Teen Driving Toolkit

The Alabama Safe Teen Driving Coalition is committed to keeping our teen drivers safe on the road. Through a grant from the Allstate Foundation, the Alabama Chapter of the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) has worked with several agencies and organizations throughout the state to create a "Safe Teen Driving Toolkit". Our hope is that doctors and their staff will use elements of this toolkit when talking to teenagers and their parents about the Alabama Graduated Driver License Law.

  1. Safe Teen Driving Toolkit 1 of 7 HURST LETTER (PDF)
    Barbara Hurst is a member of the Alabama Safe Teen Driving Coalition. Her letter to parents and teens is a powerful tool, explaining why she and her family are committed to keeping teenagers safe on the road.
  2. Safe Teen Driving Toolkit 2 of 7 FACT SHEET (PDF)
    This fact sheet provides valuable information and teen driving statistics in Alabama and the U.S. that every parent should know.
  3. Safe Teen Driving Toolkit 3 of 7 AL GRADUATED DRIVER LICENSE LAW (PDF)
    Make sure your teenage patients and their parents know about the Alabama Graduated Driver License Law. This is a one-page summary of the Alabama "GDL", originally drafted in 2002 by the Alabama State Legislature and amended in 2010 and 2015 with stricter guidelines.
  4. Safe Teen Driving Toolkit 4 of 7 TEEN PARENT AGREEMENT (PDF)
    The "Teen-Parent Agreement" was created to encourage teenagers to drive responsibly, and to reinforce the Graduated Driver License Law. Parents can add their own household rules and conditions for driving to this agreement.
  5. Safe Teen Driving Toolkit 5 of 7 50-HOUR DRIVING LOG (PDF)
    Alabama state law requires 50 hours of supervised driving practice with an adult before driving alone. Teens should practice driving with their parents during various weather and road conditions, and at least 16 hours of guided practice should be completed after sunset.
  6. Safe Teen Driving Toolkit 6 of 7 PRACTICE POSTER (PDF)
    "PRACTICE is the key to safe teen driving" - This poster/flyer includes our top three recommendations to help keep teens safe on the road. We encourage you to hang the poster in a place in your office where teenagers and their parents can clearly see it.
  7. Safe Teen Driving Toolkit 7 of 7 WEBSITE RESOURCES (PDF)
    We want teens and parents to know about the resources available to them to learn how to stay safe behind the wheel. The resources page provides a list of some of the websites in Alabama and beyond that you can recommend for finding valuable information and additional tools for Safe Teen Driving.