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Branding Style Guidelines

The Children's brand is immediately recognizable to many and brings to mind a tradition of excellence in pediatric healthcare. Our name and identity are well-known and respected symbols of the quality care we provide. We can all further the reputation of Children's of Alabama by protecting the use of the Children's brand. That means working together as employees and community partners to ensure our name and logo are used in a consistent and prescribed manner.

We want every piece of communication produced for our patients, their parents, for members of the healthcare community and for the public-at-large to link clearly to the strong tradition of service and reliability and attention to detail that makes Children's unique. You can help make that happen by following the guidelines detailed in this guide and by contacting Strategic Communications and Marketing at 205-939-6660 whenever you have questions about usage of our visual identity.

Brand Portal, Templates, Guidelines and Photos

The effectiveness of the Children's logo depends on the correct and consistent use of all its components. Always use the electronic files provided with this guide. Never attempt to recreate or alter the logo. There are two main versions of the Children's logo: a vertical layout and a horizontal layout. The vertical layout is preferred. The use of the Children's logo requires authorization. This may be received by contacting Strategic Communications and Marketing at 205-638-6660.

Access to Brand Portal, Templates, Guidelines and Photos