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Benjamin Russell Anesthesia and Sedation

The Anesthesia Department at the Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children provides services for children who need imaging procedures but due to age or medical conditions will have difficulty remaining still. This is necessary in order to obtain the best images possible. The doctor who orders your child's procedure will help to determine if anesthesia services will be needed.

If it is determined that anesthesia is the best option for your child, the procedure will be scheduled with the imaging and surgical services departments. Our Anesthesia Prescreening Department (APASS) will review your child's medical history and obtain any information needed to ensure the best care for your child. We will require a history and physical be done within 30 days of the imaging procedure and sent to our APASS Department.

The ordering physician's office will contact you to notify you of the date of your child's procedure. A nurse will contact you the day before the procedure to give you a time of arrival and diet instructions for your child as well as answer any questions you have. Calls are usually made by 2:00p.m., once the schedule for the next day is finalized. You can expect an early arrival time, generally between 6:15a.m.-9:00 am depending on your child's age and the procedure.

Before the procedure:

Your child will be assessed and we will check vital signs, review your child's medical history, medications, anesthesia history, and health status. The anesthesia team will speak with you and answer any questions you have regarding your child's anesthesia experience.

During the procedure:

Your child will be continuously monitored by anesthesia personnel with your child. Most children will receive their anesthesia by breathing anesthesia gases through a mask. Once your child is asleep, an IV will be placed so fluid and any other medicines needed, may be given.

Your child's heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure will be closely monitored throughout the procedure.

Most imaging procedures are not painful, but do require the child to remain completely still. If necessary, we will give pain medication.

After the procedure:

Your child will come to our recovery room. Wake up is usually very quick with very few side effects. Our average stay in recovery is 20-30 mins. We will ask you to come in to the recovery room once your child's anesthesia phase is over and the child is waking up. We will offer something to drink and remove the IV. Discharge instructions will be given, and we will let you know what to expect after anesthesia. We will call you the next day to follow up and as how your child is doing.

Test Results:

The images from your child's exam are interpreted on the same day and a report is sent to your physician's office.

If your physician has any questions regarding the report, he/she may call 205-638-9730.

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