Daisy Award

March 2017 Recipient—Walter Luke Endress – Special Care Unit

There are too many stories to put on paper that show what an extraordinary person he is. Our daughter opened up to him first. He was the only one she would actually speak to. He changed the IV, tape, etc., without a drop of blood loss and while our daughter was mostly asleep. He made a call to Trauma regarding her belly swelling after suction was turned off. After waiting a while with no word from Trauma, he made the decision to start back suction. This was the right call. It eased her pain. He snuck in and out of the room without disturbing her or us. He spoke to our daughter in a way she would understand. He also told her step by step what he was about to do. When it was time for the tube to go in her nose, he did it with ease! He should teach a class on this procedure! Not only did he do this perfectly with no adjustment needed once; he did it twice! She pulled her tube out in the middle of the night and he placed it back in no problem! We are highly impressed with him! Even if he was not our nurse, he came by to check on her and made certain the nurse for that shift knew how she liked to be cared for. He would use the cellphone light to read urine output to keep from disturbing our rest. He comes in to say hello at the beginning of every shift and says goodbye at the end. He was very knowledgeable when Trauma would visit the room and they asked him questions. He is truly a great nurse, but above all he is an outstanding person!

March 2017 Nomination List

Alisha Thacker – 5 Dearth
Ally Brown – 8 Harbert
Bonnie Barnett – 5 Dearth
Deandra Ransaw – 7 Dearth
Ellen Williams – Cardiac ICV
Jamie Davis – 6 Dearth
Jane Anne Elliott – ED
John Clayton – One Day Surgery
Kaila Sullivan – 7 Harbert SCU
Kendall Essig – 7 Harbert SCU
Lisa Galloway – Cardiac ICV
Madison Clayton – 9 Harbert
Sabrina Caceres – 6 Dearth
Tabitha Baker – 10 Harbert
Toni Long-Johnson – 4 Dearth
Aleha Saleh – 8 QB

daisylogo.gifThe DAISY Foundation was established in 2000 by the Barnes family in memory of J. Patrick Barnes, who died from complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) at the age of 33. DAISY is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System. Having been touched by the remarkable care, clinical skills and compassion demonstrated by nurses during Patrick's illness, the Barnes family made it their mission to recognize exceptional nurses around the world.

A DAISY Award will be given once a month. The monthly award winner will be recognized at a ceremony and will receive a framed certificate, a DAISY Award signature lapel pin and a hand-carved stone sculpture entitled A Healer's Touch. Additionally, the unit or department of the recipient will receive Cinnabon's cinnamon rolls—a favorite of Patrick's during his illness—with the sentiment that the heavenly aroma will remind them how special they are and how important their work is.

Nurses that receive The DAISY Award personify Children's of Alabama's remarkable patient experience. These individuals consistently demonstrate excellence by:

  • Serving as a role model for the nursing profession
  • Demonstrating a caring attitude in all situations
  • Communicating with compassion, using words the patient and family understand
  • Making a significant difference in the life of a patient

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