Daisy Award

April 2018 Recipient—Mary B Garrett – NICU

We would like to nominate NICU nurse Mary B Garrett for the prestigious Children's of Alabama Daisy Award.

Like many of Children's other NICU nurses, Mary B is nothing short of excellent. Our weekslong relationship with the 6th floor would have been completely horrific and intolerable if not for nurses like Mary B. We could dote on about how she helped us get much needed sleep by never letting a syringe pump alarm sound while we napped. Or that she always gave our son loving care. Or even that we observed her act as an exceptional role model for new NICU nurses, training them how to do their job with panache under the pressures of being in a highly stressful critical care setting. However, the same could be said about some of her colleagues.

What separates Mary B from the rest did not actually occur to us until weeks after we had left the NICU. One afternoon, after a particularly stressful week, our son had come home from daycare completely inconsolable. Nothing-bottles, toys, pacifiers-would soothe him, and the experience quickly became incredibly frustrating. After a 45-minute ordeal, out of sheer frustration, over the sounds of a screaming baby, I jokingly asked my wife, "Do you think he would've ever acted this badly for Mary B?" Like a sudden miracle, he stopped crying and began to smile as if nothing was wrong.

The Catholic faith contends that canonization-the act of becoming a saint-is a lengthy process essentially occurring after the person's religious act coincides with miracle in their name. Mary B's devotion to nursing is her religious act. She is a nurse with such devotion that it seems like it's less like a job and more like a higher calling. Her perpetually positive impact on our family, even months after leaving Children's of Alabama, continues to be nothing short of a miracle. In our house, the sheer mention of her name brought much needed peace and comfort. Anecdotally, we have since grown to refer to her as "St Mary".

If job devotion and miracles do not underscore her deserving of a Daisy Award, please consider something else. Since first meeting Mary B in September, she has been a beacon of light in some of our family's darkest moments. She consoled us we when learned that our son would have limited eyesight. She praised us for being good parents when we needed an emotional boost. Most recently, during a recent outpatient procedure, she selflessly came to Children's (on her day off, mind you) to touch base and check in on our son, a visit that coincided with the discovery that he would need additional surgery to live.

Collectively, these characteristics make her truly exceptional. The world could use more nurses like St Mary, and we love her for it.

Thank you for all you have done for us, Mary Bl

With love,
Jeremy, Kerri, June, Jayden, and James Carr

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daisylogo.gifThe DAISY Foundation was established in 2000 by the Barnes family in memory of J. Patrick Barnes, who died from complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) at the age of 33. DAISY is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System. Having been touched by the remarkable care, clinical skills and compassion demonstrated by nurses during Patrick's illness, the Barnes family made it their mission to recognize exceptional nurses around the world.

A DAISY Award will be given once a month. The monthly award winner will be recognized at a ceremony and will receive a framed certificate, a DAISY Award signature lapel pin and a hand-carved stone sculpture entitled A Healer's Touch. Additionally, the unit or department of the recipient will receive Cinnabon's cinnamon rolls—a favorite of Patrick's during his illness—with the sentiment that the heavenly aroma will remind them how special they are and how important their work is.

Nurses that receive The DAISY Award personify Children's of Alabama's remarkable patient experience. These individuals consistently demonstrate excellence by:

  • Serving as a role model for the nursing profession
  • Demonstrating a caring attitude in all situations
  • Communicating with compassion, using words the patient and family understand
  • Making a significant difference in the life of a patient