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The ACE Program is supported by the Children's of Alabama ACE Committee and the Medical Education Resources Department. ACE Coordinator is Amy Richardson

Members of the ACE Committee:

Adolfo Molina, MD, Grand Rounds Program Director
Erinn Schmit, MD, Pediatric Hospital Medicine
Ann Bentley, BSN, RN, NPD-BC, CPN, Nursing Policy and Procedure Coordinator
Stephanie Berger, MD, Pediatric Hospital Medicine
Vera Egorshin, MD, Jefferson County Department of Health, Pediatrics
Joseph Chewning, MD,  Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Gabriel Daniels, Chief Resident 
Tricia Dille, JD, Division Director of Performance Improvement 
Nefertiti Durant, MD, Adolescent Medicine
Sarah Bingham, MD, Emergency Medicine
Madhura Hallman, MD, Emergency Medicine
Amy Cajacob, MD, Pediatric Allergy & Immunology
Leslie Edmondson, Manager, Physician Marketing
Andre Green, PMP, Lead Coordinator, Web Applications
Krisztina Harsanyi, MD, Pediatric Neurology
Rachel Kassel, MD, PhD, Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition Services
Bria Samuels, MPA, Supervisor, Accredited Continuing Education Program
Joseph Philips, MD, Neonatology
Linda Russo, MAE, BS, RRT-NPS, Family Leader, Pediatric Pulmonary Center
Robert Troxler, MD, Pediatric Pulmonary
Tia Sherer, MBA, Accredited Continuing Education Coordinator