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Patient Referral Forms

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EpicCare Link is a tool that provides real-time web access to patient information so you can access patients' clinical data and communicate with Children’s of Alabama to provide quality patient care. You can also use EpicCare Link to quickly refer patients to our organization.
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Referring Patients

Step 1

See "How to Schedule Appointments" on the back of the form for further records requested by the specialty. Please fax these documents at the same time you fax this form to keep records and forms together, and eliminate duplication of tests performed. If insurance requires a referral (Medicaid, etc.), please fax referral with this form.

Step 2

Some clinics/specialties require additional information about the patient to better understand their history and develop a treatment plan.

Children's of Alabama specialists offer excellent pediatric care for Alabama's children. You may refer patients to the hospital, a particular service, or to an individual specialist for consultation, diagnosis or treatment.

Adolescent Health Center Referrals

For all special clinics listed below and general adolescent consults, please fax the Request for a Specialty Clinic Appointment Form (please specify which clinic below you are referring to) along with an insurance referral (if needed), growth charts, lab work obtained in the last 6 months, and clinic notes for the past year to 205-638-2071. Please also note some additional items as required for the specific clinic listed:

  • ADHD: Print the ADHD Intake Packet for the parent. Please note that an appointment will not be made until the completed packet is received by the Adolescent Health Center.
  • Eating Disorder: An Adolescent Medicine physician and dietitian staff the clinic providing treatment of disordered eating, including anorexia and bulimia nervosa, and diagnostic consultation for patients with weight loss, vomiting, or abdominal pain.
  • LARC (Long Acting Reversible Contraception): all patients will be scheduled for a consult visit prior to being scheduled for LARC placement.
  • LEAH (Leadership and Education in Adolescent Health): a multi-disciplinary clinic involving Adolescent Medicine, nursing, nutrition, psychology, and social work intended for patients with complex medical and psycho-social needs.
  • Menstrual Disorder: Evaluation and treatment of menstrual problems in adolescents and young adults.
  • Nutrition: Registered Dietitians provide nutrition assessments and counseling. This clinic DOES NOT include a medical provider. Adolescent Nutrition clinic requires a referral from a physician or nurse practitioner.


Children’s Behavioral Health - Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

  • All new patient appointments get scheduled through the Patient Access Center. A physician makes a referral, by filling out the Referral Form and faxing it to 205-638-9919, along with a Medicaid Referral (if this applies).
  • If referring a patient for constipation the PCP Constipation Referral Checklist must be included. 
  • Fax all relevant* records, labs and imaging  | 205-638-9919 


  • Genetics Referral Form
  • Fax | 205-975-6389 Phone | 205-934-4983
  • Fax patient demographic and insurance information, insurance referral, if needed, reason for the referral, last 2-3 clinic notes, labs.

Hearing and/or Speech Evaluation Referral Form
Fax the completed form along with any relevant medical records | 205-638-3680

Hypertension Clinic Referral Form
Fax | 205-638-2517. Please attach any lab and diagnostic testing reports.


  • A physician makes a referral by completing the Specialty Clinic Appointment Form and faxing it to 205-638-2602, along with a Medicaid Referral (if this applies).
  • If referring a patient for headache, the PCP Headache Referral Checklist must be included.
  • Fax all relevant* records, labs, EEG or EMG, and imaging reports to 205-638-2602.

Pediatric Hematology-Oncology (including Neuro-Oncology)

New Patient Referrals: A physician's referral is required to schedule a first appointment in the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology clinic.
We are happy to review new patient referrals and/or second opinion consults with our team.  To help expedite this process, please include the following information in your referral:

  • Patient name and demographic information
  • Recent clinic notes including lab work
  • Operative Notes
  • Pathology Reports
  • Imaging Reports

*Referral information can be faxed to: 205-638-2511, Attn: Lisa Allred.


PT & OT Referral Form
This form requires a physician's signature.

Rheumatology Referral Form
Fax | 205-638-2875 along with any relevant medical records

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) Application
Fax | 205-975-6613. Program Coordinator Amber Samuelson, R.N.

Weight Management Referral

  • The Primary Care Physician must complete the Request for a Specialty Clinic Appointment Form and fax along with insurance referral (Medicaid referrals must be cascading and include current EPSDT date), growth chart, lab work obtained in the last 6 months, and clinic notes to 205-212-2735.
  • Please have the family complete the New Parent Evaluation Form and fax along with the Request for a Specialty Clinic Appointment Form to 205-212-2735. If the Parent Evaluation Form is not received with the referral we will mail the family instructions. We will not schedule an appointment until Parent Evaluation Form is received in our office.
  • We will mail family appointment date/time and fax Primary Care Physician appointment date/time.