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Nursing Service Orientation

The purpose of orientation at Children's of Alabama is to assist the newly hired employee to function safely and effectively in his or her new role. Orientation provides a planned program of classroom, clinical instruction, and activities that acquaint the new employee with the hospital structure, the Department of Nursing, other disciplines and departments, basic policies and procedures, and practices relevant to his/her duties.

The orientation of new employees in Nursing Professional Development at Children’s of Alabama is divided into three segments.

I. New Employee Orientation to Children's of Alabama

The Human Resources Department conducts New Employee Orientation on the first Monday (or Tuesday if Monday falls on a Human Resources recognized holiday) of every pay period. The orientation material covers relevant hospital-wide services, including our mission, vision, and value statements.  This time period allows new hires an opportunity to ask questions, and complete elements of employment, such as health screening, obtaining name badge, parking, and benefits if applicable.

II. Nursing Service Orientation

The Nursing Professional Development department coordinates this portion of orientation.

The purpose of Nursing Service Orientation is to acquaint the newly hired nurse with basic job descriptions, responsibilities and behaviors, policies and procedures, safety, and quality behaviors. Additionally, individual learning preferences/needs are assessed. Teaching methods used are didactic lecture from subject matter experts, simulation, computer based training modules, group and individual hands on learning activities, and skills check-offs.

Orientation for newly hired nurses is scheduled monthly, (bi-monthly at peak onboarding time periods) on the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, after New Employee Orientation. This schedule may change if New Employee Orientation does not fall on a Monday (due to Human Resources recognized holiday).

Orientation for newly hired Clinical Assistants, Behavior Assistants, and Unit Support Specialists is held monthly, on the Wednesday following one of the New Employee Orientations (bi-monthly at peak onboarding times).

III. Unit Based Orientation

The final segment of orientation takes place at the new employee’s assigned unit and is coordinated by the unit nurse educator. The length of this orientation period is dependent upon job title, past experiences, and current learning needs of the employee, as well as unit acuity/criticality. Each new hire will be paired with a preceptor, who serves as a role model, educator, evaluator, socializer, and resource person. Each new hire will complete a Competency Based Orientation document during orientation.