Report Violation/Hotline

Four options to report:

  1. Compliance Hotline (Toll-Free) 800-624-9775
  2. Reporting online on The Red Wagon
  3. Call Cindy Rogers, Corporate Compliance Officer, at 638-7134
  4. Email Cindy at

Note:  Only options #1 and #2 above will allow the reporter to remain anonymous because these options are administered by an external company.  They are not COA employees.

Anonymity cannot be assured if reports are called in or emailed directly to the Compliance Officer.

What to expect when reporting:

#1 – Classification of the Report Content

Regardless of the reporting method, you will be asked about the major classification and a sub-classification of the concern

  • Online, classification descriptions from which to choose are provided
  • By phone, a live operator will classify this based on your responses to their questions

#2 – Report Details

  • You can provide name and contact info OR remain anonymous
    • Online, check the “I do not wish to provide my name” box
    • By phone, inform the intake operator that you do not wish to provide it
  • Persons involved - details as to who was involved (names/titles) and their role (witness, subject, other party) in the incident
  • Timeline – specific dates, times/shifts, frequency of violation
  • Location – give details as to name of building, department, area where violation occurred
  • Incident description – first, a brief summary description; then, a comment box for specific details

#3 – End of Report

  • Write down Report Number and PIN Number to access report in the future
  • Keep numbers in a safe, private place
  • Only the reporting party is given the PIN
  • Call back or return to online report in 7-10 days to see status and if more details are needed to complete investigation
  • Investigation status comment is provided to reporting party until close of investigation

Important Hotline Reporting Info

  • The reporting process is not handled by Children’s employees, so no one will be able to identify the reporting party, unless you choose otherwise
  • Thorough investigations depend on complete details
  • Once completed, reports cannot be accessed without the Report and PIN Numbers

Sample Completed Report Information

  • Classification of Report Content
    • Misuse of Assets/Disclosure of Confidential Information
  • Report Details
    • Summary:
    • Details: On 3/24/15 during the night shift, Jane Doe, an RN on the 5th floor of the XYZ building (Endocrinology), told me that she shared details of one of our patients (Jason King) with her neighbor. The neighbor wanted to know where she could send Jason some flowers, so Jane gave them Jason’s room number
  • End of Report
    • Report number = CHSYS-15-03-0007
    • PIN = Z3FW

What happens after you submit your report:

  • All reports are sent directly to the Compliance Department and investigated or forwarded to the appropriate Children's authority (e.g. HR, Administration, HIPAA, Security) for investigation.
  • Once all involved parties are interviewed and the investigation is completed, a final response will be posted for the reporter. 
  • The reporter must use their PIN to login or call back to check the report status. PINs are confidential and cannot be retrieved if lost.