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Patient Care Areas

Acute Care Units

4 Dearth (Behavioral Health Ireland Center)
5 Dearth
6 Dearth
7 Dearth
8 Quarterback (Hematology/Oncology)
9 Harbert
9 Quarterback
10 Harbert
10 Quarterback

Critical Care Units
9 Quarterback (Burn Center)
Critical Care Transport
Emergency Department
6 Quarterback and 6 Harbert (Neonatal Intensive Care)
7 Quarterback (Pediatric Intensive Care)
8 Harbert (Cardiac Care Unit)
4 Quarterback and 4 Harbert (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit)
7 Harbert (Special Care Unit)
8 Harbert (Lowder Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit)

Ambulatory/Specialty Care Services
Children's South

Surgical Services
Operating Room
One Day Admission Center
Post Anesthesia Recovery Unit