Dismiss Modal

Sensory Pathway Social Stories

Audiology Evaluation Children’s on 3rd Outpatient (PDF)

Blood Sugar Check (PDF)

Breathing Treatments: Aerosols (PDF)

Cardiac Catherization - 12+ years old (PDF)

Cardiac Catherization - below 12 years old (PDF)

Cardiac Preadmission Visit (PDF)

Cardiac Surgery 4th Floor (PDF)

Chest PT with Vest (PDF)

Chest Tube Removal (PDF)

Children's South Outpatient Surgery (PDF)



Emergency Department Behavioral Health (PDF)

Enema (PDF)

Extubation (PDF)

Foley Cathing (PDF)

General NG Tube (PDF)

General Outpatient Ultrasound (PDF)

General Outpatient Ultrasound McWane Building (PDF)

General Ultrasound (PDF)

GI Clean Out (PDF)

Hand Washing (PDF)

Hydrotherapy (PDF)

Inpatient Surgery (PDF)

Insulin Injection (PDF)

Interventional Radiology With Sedation (PDF)

Intubation (PDF)


Lab: Blood Draw (PDF)

NG Tube for GI Clean Out (PDF)

Outpatient MRI (PDF)

Outpatient Surgery pH Probe (PDF)

Outpatient Surgery - Benjamin Russell (PDF)

Outpatient Surgery - Lowder (PDF)

pH Probe Test (PDF)

PICC Line Removal (PDF)


Primary Care Clinic (PDF)

PT & OT - Children’s on 3rd Outpatient (PDF)

PT & OT - McWane Outpatient

Reduction and Casting with Sedation (PDF)

Renal Ultrasound (PDF)

Serial Casting - Children’s on 3rd Outpatient (PDF)

Serial Casting - McWane Outpatient (PDF)

Speech - Children’s on 3rd Outpatient (PDF)

Straight Cathing for Bladder Emptying (PDF)

Straight Cathing for Urine Collection (PDF)

Surgery for Gtube (PDF)

Sutures (PDF)

Trach Tube Change (PDF)

Vital Signs and Weight (PDF)

Wearing a Mask (PDF)