COA Core ASP Strategies

Prospective Audit with Prescriber Feedback

  • Monitoring for bug/drug mismatches
  • Monitoring positive sterile site cultures (blood and CSF) to assure appropriate empiric and tailored antimicrobial therapy
  • Monitoring non-formulary antimicrobials for appropriate use in children
  • Monitoring high risk antimicrobials (meropenem, antifungals, combination therapy without indication) for appropriate use

Formulary Restriction/Preauthorization – These medications will require approval from an ID physician or ASP pharmacist at the point of order entry

Indication Specific Order Sets – Use of treatment guidelines for commonly used antimicrobials that follow evidence based criteria and local susceptibility patterns

IV to Oral Policy – Review of patient medication profile to determine if eligible for oral conversion, specifically for antimicrobials that have adequate oral bioavailability