Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP)

The mission of the Children’s of Alabama ASP is to provide the best antimicrobial therapy (right dose, drug and duration) to patients that results in the best outcome with the least amount of toxicity and resistance.

About the Program

Antimicrobials are an essential part of managing infections. However, upwards of 30% of antimicrobial use in hospitals is unnecessary or inappropriate.When used incorrectly, these medications offer little benefit to patients and come with high risks, such as adverse drug reactions, C. difficile infections, and development of antibiotic-resistant infections.Stewardship programs in adult centers across the country havebeen associated with improved patient outcomes, improved use of antimicrobials, and reduced costs to the institution (lower drug costs and lower rates of resistant infections).

The goal of the Children’s of Alabama ASP is to provide a collaborative, yet evidence based approach to managing infections in children. This means using the right antimicrobial at the correct dose for the appropriate duration in order to cure or prevent infection, while minimizing adverse drug events and emergence of resistance.