Bedside Nursing Instructors Initial Process

Welcome to Children's of Alabama (COA). 

In order to gain entry and access to patients, patients' medical records and/or staff located in any COA facility, all Non-COA Nursing Professionals will apply for privileges before access is allowed.  This privileging process applies to individuals who perform clinical nursing duties either independently or under the direct supervision of a member of Children's Hospital Medical or Nursing Staff.

Bedside Nursing Instructor has to attend Nursing Service Orientation and Unit Orientation and submit the following documents to Mary Jane Prosser in Nursing Education and Research.

__ Hospital and Nursing Service Orientation, week long (click here for more information)
__ Unit Orientation, up to three days with the Unit's Educator (or designee) of the unit that clinical rotations will be conducted. Click here for Nursing Instructor Unit Orientation checklist.

1.__ Non-COA Nursing Professional Demographic Data Document (click here)
    As part of this document you will read the Non-COA Staff Infomation Handbook to be current on the following topics, then sign and enter the date you completed it at the bottom of the document.  
        __ Fire Safety and Security Information
        __ Code of Conduct
        __ Infection Control
        __ Patient Safety Goals
        __ SBAR: Effective Communication
        __ Child Abuse and Neglect

2.__ Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Statement Form (click here)

3.__ Non-COA Bedside Nursing Instructor Continuing Competency Review Document (click here)
    Your supervisor is to complete this document verifying the following:
        __ You are qualified to provide bedside Patient Care for Pediatric Patients
        __ You have a current nursing license to practice in the State of Alabama
        __ Your Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training is up-to-date and you have a current card
        __ You are current with TB Skin Testing
        __ And your Varicella Status-Positive Titers, Immunizatiuons and Hepatitis B Vaccine has been done or documented

* Children's University is Children's of Alabama's Computer Based Learning Management System.  You will need your personal Name/ID and PASSWORD to access this system.  If you have not received these contact Mary Jane Prosser as soon as possible at (205) 638-9908 and give the following Information.  If you have a Name/ID and PASSWORD (click here for directions on accessing CHEX).
__ Name as on your Nursing License
__ License Number
__ Birth Date
__ Email address
__ If you have been a COA employee is the past.

Please route the completed forms to Mary Jane Prosser, Nursing Education and Research office, Suite 410, in the Children's Harbor building of Children's Hospital.  These completed items must be received with in 30 days of notification and privileges granted before you are allowed to bring students to our facilities.

Contact Mary Jane Prosser (205) 638-9908 for further instructions or any questions.

Mary Jane Prosser, MSN, R.N.
(205) 638-9908 Office
(205) 638-6066 FAX