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HEAR Center

The HEAR Center at Children’s of Alabama aims to provide comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for families and professionals working on behalf of children with hearing loss, while emphasizing the development of auditory skills and spoken language in a variety of communication formats. The multidisciplinary team includes an otolaryngologist, pediatric audiologists specializing in hearing aids and cochlear implants, and speech-language pathologists certified in Auditory-Verbal Therapy.


  • Auditory-verbal therapy services with certified listening and spoken language specialists (LSLS Cert. AVT)
  • Aural rehabilitation therapy services according to chosen communication modality
  • Cochlear implant candidacy evaluations, programming, and management
  • Fitting and verification of hearing aids using research-based protocols
  • Speech/Language/Auditory evaluation, individual therapy, and group therapy for children with hearing loss
  • Parent mentoring

Children’s HEAR Center is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary program for treatment and (re)habilitation of childhood hearing loss. Our multidisciplinary team strives to maximize each child’s auditory, speech, and language potential through individualized, family-centered treatment plans, all in a child-friendly atmosphere.