Children's of Alabama Pharmacy department is committed to excellence in the provision of pharmaceutical care to the patients we serve. Pharmaceutical care consists of medication delivery, decisions about medication selection, dosages, routes and methods of administration, medication therapy monitoring, and the provision of other medication-related information and counseling to individual patients. The Pharmacy department uses robotic technology in intravenous compounding and inventory management as it strives to be a leader in patient safety. Our clinical pharmacists are members of multi-disciplinary teams on the neonatal intensive care, pediatric intensive care, cardiology, nephrology, pulmonary, infectious disease, pediatric hospital medicine, hematology/oncology, bone marrow transplant, gastrointestinal, and solid organ transplant services.

Clinical Services
The department of pharmacy provides pharmaceutical care services to inpatients, clinic patients, and the community. Our pediatric-trained pharmacists provide therapeutic drug monitoring, therapeutic and cost effective interventions, pharmacokinetic consults, ketogenic diet consults, investigational drug support, and drug information services to the patients and health care professionals within the health system. Our pharmacy staff respond to codes and level 1 traumas, as well as any other emergencies when called upon.