Committed to a Cure - How You Can Help


We are Committed to a Cure- How You Can Help

  • Our Center treats more than 90% of Alabama's children with cancer and blood disorders.
  • When you make a donation to the ACCCBD, you're helping us provide the best care for children, and moving us closer to cures that will save lives.
  • For more information about the Center and how you can help contact: Coke Matthews

Cancer Car Tag

Purchase a Curing Childhood Cancer Tag

The Curing Childhood Cancer specialty car tag is celebrating over 15 years of support.

  • More than $3.8 million has been invested in the Center for Childhood Cancer Research.
  • The Curing Childhood Cancer tag can be purchased at any of the Alabama Department of Motor Vehicle location. Every $50 tag donates $41.25 for the cancer program at Children's.
  • For more information, please contact Emily Hornak at

Join Be the Match

  • Joining the Be The Match Registry® means volunteering to be listed as a potential bone marrow donor, ready to save the life of any patient in need of a transplant.
  • Take the first step to being someone's cure.  For details on how you can become a donor, visit or text "ChildrensAL" to 61474

Community Engagement