Clinical Pharmacists

There are 4 dedicated Clinical Pharmacists for the multi-disciplinary CV team at Children's of Alabama. The pharmacists thoroughly review each patients' list of medications daily to ensure the patients are receiving safe and effective medication therapy. They participate in daily discussions and rounds with the team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, respiratory therapists, and nutritionists to develop a care plan for each patient. Our CV Pharmacists assist the team in arranging the medications for discharge and teach the patients and their families about the medications before they go home. In addition, the CV Pharmacists are involved with the multi-disciplinary Heart Transplant team in preparing patients and their families for heart transplant as well as education after heart transplantation. Once discharged from the hospital, the patients will meet with the pharmacist during their routine visits to the outpatient Heart Transplant Clinic.

We are so lucky to have dedicated pharmacists who work closely with our staff and patients.