Volunteer Services


These are extraordinary times, and we thank you for your interest in volunteering at Children’s of Alabama. For the immediate future, there will be only one volunteer position available and it will be at the COVID Screening Stations at various entrances to our campus. There are no inpatient or outpatient volunteer opportunities and we don’t think any will be available until late 2021. We are accepting applications for teens 16 and older with parental permission, college students and adults for the screening stations.

Should you be interested in this volunteer position please click the link to Volunteer Opportunities to read more about the position. Also, we ask you to think about the following:

  • Whether you are at high risk for COVID
  • If you or someone in your immediate family/circle of friends had COVID
  • This assignment will be observing people approaching, asking a series of questions regarding COVID and taking temperatures as well as monitoring the number of individuals with a patient, since there are strict limitations on the number of guests allowed on the hospital campus.
  • You may be approached by someone not wearing a mask
  • You may be approached by someone who has a fever
  • A special COVID training session will be required
  • You may be asked to escort a patient/family to a specific location in the hospital
  • This is the only assignment we expect to have for volunteers until a vaccine is widely available
  • While you will have some patient contact as a part of your guest services duties, you will not be allowed outside the “public” areas of the hospital. In other words, there are no assignments on the various units, clinics or therapy areas.
  • We ask that you complete a minimum of 48 hours to this assignment.

Volunteer at Children's of AlabamaMost of the onboarding process to become a volunteer will be online/remote. The hospital is under a density reduction plan and limits the number of people on our campus to best control infections of all types. Below are the steps you will need to complete to become a volunteer:

  • Make Application online by clicking here – Apply Now
  • Complete both sections of our Immunization Form and submit documentation for section 2
  • Upon completing the above steps, you will be invited for a volunteer interview (online)
  • If approved from the interview you will be assigned the online orientation
  • After that you will complete Pre-Placement Screening (online and remote)
  • Following that you will be directed on how to submit a photo for your name badge and complete the parking form (you must complete the parking form even if you won’t park on our campus).
  • You must establish a baseline negative TB status with us. (there are several ways to do this and instructions will be sent once you complete the previous steps.
  • COVID Volunteer training (currently this is done onsite and you will sign up for your day and time to volunteer).

As you complete each step, you will be directed to the next one as quickly as possible. To minimize the process, please pay careful attention to the instructions for each step. This will help us get you started volunteering as soon as possible.