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Insulin Pump Therapy Program

Insulin pump education is individualized and is provided by certified product trainers. We are available for training and consultation related to utilizing insulin pump therapy for diabetes care. We very much enjoy working with our children and their families.

Our Team:

Diabetes Insulin Pump Educators:

Melissa Ashdown- Lead Pump Educator
Mary Heatherly
Tina Hubbard
Maria Jones
Cindy McCullers

Contact Information:

Main Office: 205-638-9107
Insulin Pump Fax: 205-638-7005 

Diabetes Insulin Pump Classes Offered:

Pre- Pump Class
Saline Start
Insulin Start
Insulin Pump Review Class

Insulin Pump Therapy:

Obtaining an insulin pump requires a prescription from your Endocrinologist.  If you or your child are interested in beginning Insulin Pump Therapy, please discuss this with your Endocrinologist at your next scheduled clinic visit. 

Helpful tips on downloading your pump:

Medtronic (PDF)
Omnipod (PDF)
Tandem (PDF)

Additional Insulin Pump and Monitor Resources