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If you are ready to submit you project for approval, please complete the form below (REDCAP). Formal QI training and/or early consultation with the QIIRC to determine appropriateness of the proposed project is strongly recommended! (Children's of Alabama QI coaches)

Once you submit your project, it will undergo preliminary review within 2 week. If the project meets minimum criteria, we will review it at our monthly meeting and give any feedback via email. If it needs help, the project leader will be invited to a coaching session with a member or members of the QIIRC, and asked to resubmit with adjustments as needed.


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Description of the activity in 300 words or less to be listed on ABP website.

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(e.g., Once you have met the activity completion criteria set by the sponsor organization, the sponsor organization notifies the American Board of Pediatrics of your completion).

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