Insulin Pump Therapy Program

The Insulin Pump Diabetes Educators with our insulin pump program are Certified Diabetes Educators by the American Association of Diabetes Educators and Certified insulin pump educators for Animas one touch ping, Medtronic minimed and Omnipod. We represent over 20 years of diabetes education. We are available for training and consultation related to utilizing insulin pump therapy for diabetes care. We very much enjoy working with our children and their families, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Insulin Pump Program:

Joye Taylor, MS,RD,CDE,CPT                

Office: 205-638-9107

Fax: 205-638-7005


Candidates for Pump use:

  • Motivated to improve blood glucose control
  • Cooperative and responsible
  • Able and willing to self-monitor blood glucose frequently... 6-8times/day
  • Proficient in carbohydrate counting
  • Able to coordinate blood glucose level with administration and adjustment of insulin
  • Able to understand risk factors for failure
  • Adequate financial resources
  • Realistic expectations

Insulin Pump Competencies: (must reach minimal level 5 of 8)

  1. Safety: demonstrates skills necessary to perform injections and blood glucose testing. Checks  blood glucose 4-8 times daily.
  2. Blood Glucose: states ranges and target and takes action for levels out of range.
  3. Carbohydrate Management: determines quantity of carbohydrates in food and uses a plan for intake. Can put into words how carbohydrate intake affects blood glucose.
  4. Insulin: verbalizes the type of insulin doses for basal and bolus. Willing to bolus multiple times daily.
  5. Changes: consistently communicates with Diabetes Health Care Providers and makes recommended changes. Use guidelines to prevent or treat hypoglycemia and DKA.
  6. Dose Adjustments: makes dose adjustments and observes effects of treatments.
  7. Identify: strategies to reduce complications.
  8. Maximize Control: by balancing Food, Exercise, and Medications.
  • Time commitment will require: Pre-pump class = four (4) hours. Thursday Afternoon.
  • Successfully completed ALL Diabetes Education by primary caregivers.

Pre-Pump Forms to be completed:

Release of Information

Training Contract

Skills Survey

Insulin Pump Mangagement Record

Pump Comparison Charts

Pre-Insulin Pump Power Point Presentation