Compliance Steering Committee

The Compliance Steering Committee is an integral part of the Children’s commitment to compliance. It was established to advise, inform, and partner with the Corporate Compliance Officer (CCO) in extending the compliance function throughout Children’s. The Committee consists of an interdisciplinary team including representation from functional units across the organization. Members serve on a two-year rotating basis. The Committee assists and advises the CCO in communicating compliance program elements, notifying the CCO of potential risk areas, monitoring preventive programs, detecting and reporting potential regulatory violations, assisting in project completion as needed, and providing feedback on compliance activities under their supervision. The Committee serves as a communication link to employees about the Program and, therefore, promotes the fulfillment of compliance responsibilities at the operational level.

Children's of Alabama 2016-2017 Compliance Steering Committee members:

Pam Atkins - HIPAA/IT Security

Janet Deason - Pharmacy

Lisa Fullman - Anesthesia (Children's South)

Laura Gosney - Human Resources

Sonya Hughes - Corporate Compliance & Internal Audit

Mary Lake - Emergency Department

Jamelle Maxwell - Ambulatory Care Administration

Joshua Pavlovec - Radiology Administration

Tiffany Pickens - Patient Registration Cinics

Wendy PIrkle - Nursing Services Administration

Cindy Rogers - Corporate Compliance & Internal Audit/Corporate Compliance Officer

Kathleen Street - Risk Management/Privacy Officer

Kenyatta Stroud - Infection Control

Dawn Walton - Administration/CFO

Peggy Weiland - Corporate Compliance & Internal Audit

Salena Whalen-Stalker - Corporate Compliance & Internal Audit

Carolyn Zieman - Corporate Compliance & Internal Audit