Child Safety

A message to parents:

Injuries are the number one threat to your child's health. More children die each year from injuries due to motor vehicle mishap, choking, burns, falls, drowning and poisoning than all contagious diseases added together!  Four times as many injury deaths occur in children than in the general population; however, injury related deaths are only the "tip of the iceberg." For each childhood death due to an injury, 45 injured children are hospitalized and 1,300 injured children require emergency department treatment. It is, therefore, not an exaggeration when we refer to this problem as the "modern day plague on our Nation's youth."

As enormous as our injury problem is in this country, hope and optimism rest in the fact that injuries in children are preventable. Childhood injuries are not random, freakish, chance occurrences.  They can be anticipated and prevented. The "Injury Prevention Handbook" outlines proven injury prevention strategies that can immediately be used and thus make the home a safer place for your family.

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Southeast Child Safety Institute Advisory Board

SECSI is a cooperative program sponsored by Children's Hospital and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama.