What the heck is a HAC?

That is a question that one hears more and more here at Children's of Alabama. This interest in HACs is a direct result of our participation in the Solutions for Patient Safety Network. Two concepts are key to the Solutions for Patient Safety initiative: HACs and bundles.

HAC is an acronym for Hospital Acquired Condition. A patient enters our care system for the management of a health problem. Sometimes while patients are in our care, they experience an event that undermines their health in a manner that is not related to their underlying disease process. Unfortunately, more of our patients experience hospital acquired conditions than we even recognize. Children's hospitals throughout the country are experiencing similar issues, which is why Children's is participating in the Solutions for Patient Safety initiative with more than 70 other hospitals nationwide.

Here are a few things every Children's employee can do to help the "Quest for Zero" effort:

  • Be aware of which HACs apply to your area of work and how you are participating.
  • Provide feedback on Children's bundles that are being circulated and through the new email address SPS@childrensal.org.
  • Participate in education.
  • Be a leader in your area and speak up when a you see a bundle not being followed.
  • Follow communication in employee publications to stay updated.
  • Ask your supervisor about efforts in your area.