Telephone Triage

Telephone Triage manages after hour and emergency calls for over 90 pediatric practices from across the state of Alabama, as well as the afterhours calls for Jefferson County Health Department. Telephone Triage makes appropriate recommendations for treatment and, if needed, facility recommendations based on the severity and acuity of the symptoms relayed by the caller. Triage recommendations for level of acuity and/or homecare are based on Barton Schmitt protocol. The patient’s physician and /or practice staff has access to the patient’s assessment via the Expedite system, a software program designed for Telephone Triage, immediately upon completion. Triage serves contracted pediatricians from various areas of Alabama including Birmingham, Florence, Mobile, Decatur, Auburn, and Tuscaloosa. They answer an average of 6,500 calls per month and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer calls for contracted pediatricians. An average of 32% of calls are managed with homecare, 37% are referred to the pediatrician for follow up, 17% are referred to afterhours sites, and 14% of the calls are for information only.