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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my child need physical therapy or occupational therapy services?
Often a doctor will refer for a therapy evaluation to determine if therapy services will improve a child’s abilities. Physical therapy and occupational therapy help children with physical and developmental challenges to participate more fully in meaningful activities.

Why do I need a prescription/referral for therapy from my child’s doctor?
Our policy requires a written prescription/referral from a doctor to be in your child’s medical record for evaluation, treatment, splints or casts. This is both a state regulation and a requirement for payment from insurance companies and Medicaid. 

How are Physical Therapy and/or Occupational Therapy appointments scheduled?
Your child’s physician’s office staff or you can call 205-638-7527 to schedule an evaluation for outpatient PT and/or OT. Your insurance information will be needed when this call is made. In most cases the appointment will be scheduled at the time of the call. A referral (prescription) from your child’s physician must be received prior to the appointment for an evaluation or for any splints or orthotics that are recommended. Our schedulers will provide information on how to fax this referral. If your child’s physician’s office staff makes the call, we will contact you regarding the appointment date and time. Follow-up appointments can be scheduled with the therapist who will see your child and any rescheduling or cancellations can be made by calling the number above.

What can I expect from the evaluation?
A qualified therapist will evaluate your child, addressing the concerns of the family and physician. Evaluations commonly last from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the concerns being addressed. Occasionally you may be asked to bring your child for a second visit to complete the evaluation. At the end of the evaluation, the therapist will be able to discuss any need your child may have for therapy services, outlining benefits to therapy as well as possible risks for not receiving therapy. If therapy is recommended, you will be asked to schedule additional visits for treatment. A written evaluation report will be sent to your child’s referring physician. A plan for treatment and goals will be developed by the therapist and family/caregivers.

Will the therapist who evaluates my child be the same one who treats my child?
In order to provide the best customer service possible, an evaluation is scheduled based on your concerns and the information we obtain from your physician. After the evaluation is performed we will place your child with a therapist whose expertise and schedule best meets your family’s needs.

How long will my child need therapy?
The purpose of therapy is to help your child become as independent as possible in typical daily activities. The therapist and family work together to plan for therapy designed to address problems and achieve goals. How long and how often therapy is provided is based on your child’s progress toward goals.

Do I need to be present for my child’s therapy visits?
We are here to enable you to help your child reach his or her goals. As a parent, you are the source of information and feedback we need to help you in this process. Therefore, we ask that parents or other caregivers be present during therapy sessions. Your therapist can discuss any special needs you have regarding attendance during your child’s visit.

Can I bring other children to my child’s therapy visit? 
We encourage brothers and sisters to be involved in a child’s therapy if they express a desire to do so and if the involvement positively contributes to your child’s motivation, behavior and goal attainment. Please feel free to discuss sibling involvement with your child’s therapist.

What do I need from my insurance company?
Several insurance plans require an insurance referral from the primary care doctor or the doctor making the referral from the primary care doctor or the doctor making the referral for therapy. Some insurance companies require that you obtain an authorization or pre-certification before therapy services can begin. We recommend that you contact your insurance company to check on requirements and coverage before your first visit. Parents are responsible for being aware of the insurance and/or Medicaid coverage they have. The EPSDT must be up-to-date for those with Medicaid and the physician referral on a Medicaid form. Parents are responsible for co-payments, deductibles and any portion of charges for services that are not covered by their policy.

What if I don’t have insurance that covers therapy for my child?
If you are paying out of pocket for therapy services for any reason, please contact our business office at 205-628-6293 to make an appointment to discuss payment options.

Questions or more information: 205-638-6293