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Traumatic Brain Injury

Children’s brain injuries remain the leading cause of death for children in the United States and more than 1.7 million brain injuries occur per year. Children’s of Alabama is the only level 1 pediatric trauma center in the state of Alabama, and as such is a major referral center for children who have suffered from trauma. Our pediatric neurosurgeons have extensive experience and expertise in the management of severe head injuries in children. A multi-disciplinary approach with colleagues in the Division of Pediatric (Trauma) Surgery and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine is emphasized acutely to assure comprehensive care for children. Children’s of Alabama features state-of-the-art operative suites and advanced monitoring capabilities for intra-cranial pressure and other critical body system monitoring. Seamless transition to the Division of Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM and R) is accomplished after the child’s overall situation is stabilized and longer term care is initiated.

Minor Head Injury and Concussion
There is a growing awareness of the significance of concussive head injury in children and young athletes and a growing concern over the severity of injury associated with serially recurring concussive injury. Dr. James Johnston is working cooperatively with engineers at UAB and other universities to measure forces associated with collisional sport activities and develop improved protective equipment. These efforts are shared with members of the UAB Division of Sports Medicine. A weekly concussion clinic is staffed by the division of Sports Medicine with pediatric neurosurgeons available for consultation for the most serious injuries.

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The Concussion Clinic at Children’s Hospital
The Division of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine at Children's of Alabama

Children’s of Alabama Concussion Summit


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