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Liver Transplant Program


A small percentage of infants and children with liver disease progress to the point where their liver dysfunction is considered to be “end-stage” meaning their liver condition has deteriorated to the point where they require the benefit of undergoing a liver transplantation in the near future. The care of patients with end-stage liver disease is complex and requires a team approach in order to deliver optimal patient outcomes before, during and after an actual liver transplantation. For example, issues especially important to address well before the time of an actual transplant include optimization/acceleration of standard childhood vaccinations, optimization of the child’s nutritional needs and assessment of psychosocial support. Addressing these and other factors are important for a successful transplant experience.

Our Pediatric Liver Transplant team includes pediatric gastroenterologists with a special focus in transplant hepatology, skilled liver transplant surgeons, liver transplant coordinators, transplant pharmacists and nutritionists, transplant social workers, child life specialists, and psychologists.

To make a referral to our Pediatric Liver Transplant Program, please contact Robin Greer, CRNP at 205-638-9290.