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Intestinal Rehabilitation Program

Intestinal failure is defined as having an intestinal condition which renders a child unable to maintain adequate hydration and meet calorie absorption needs sufficient for growth. This results in need of parenteral nutrition delivery through a centrally placed venous catheter. Intestinal failure can be brief, lasting only several weeks or can be chronic lasting for years and even a lifetime. The most common reason for a child to have intestinal failure is short bowel syndrome, which results from loss of small intestine as occurs in necrotizing enterocolitis and gastroschisis. Other reasons include pseudo-obstruction, Hirschsprung’s disease and intestinal atresias. Studies have demonstrated that children with intestinal failure benefit the most from early intervention and management from a multidisciplinary team comprised of multiple care providers.

At Children's Center for Advanced Intestinal Rehabilitation (CCAIR), our multidisciplinary team includes a pediatric gastroenterologist, pediatric surgeon, nurse practitioner, dietitian, pharmacist, occupational therapist, social worker and program manager. We strive to provide evidence based, family centered care for our patients and their families and to optimize quality of life and well-being as they navigate through the often difficult journey that is intestinal rehabilitation. Our ultimate goal is to enable the patient to achieve enteral autonomy, which is the ability to wean off and remain off parenteral nutrition. This goal can take years to achieve and sometimes requires intestinal transplantation. As a multidisciplinary team we also perform ongoing clinical and outcomes research in order to contribute to the growing field of intestinal rehabilitation.

Medical Director: 
Dr. David Galloway

Surgical Director: 
Dr. Colin Martin 

Contact Information:
Linda Wilkinson, CRNP
Clinical Appointments
Phone: 205-638-2062
Email: Linda.Wilkinson@childrensal.org 

Michelle Shroyer - Mathis, MPH
Phone: 205-638-2925
Email: Michelle.Shroyer@childrensal.org 


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