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Emergency Medicine

Pediatric Emergency Medicine provides a statewide and regional referral site for complex emergency problems and acute tertiary care for the state's major pediatric trauma and medical center at the Children's Hospital Emergency Department. The division provides 24 hour on-site coverage, and faculty members are specialized in pre-and in-hospital emergency care and resuscitation and trauma services.

Emergency Department Faculty

Mark Baker, MD
Steve T. Baldwin, MD
Judson Barber, MD
David W. Bernard, MD
Terri Coco, MD
Catherine Cotney, MD
Megan Cotti-Rausch, MD
Valerie Davis, MD
Orooj Fasiuddin, MD
Pallavi Ghuge Ghosh, MD
Peter W. Glaeser, MD
Terry Hope, MD
Nicole Jones, MD
Ann Klasner, MD
Patricia LaBorde, MD
Laurie Marzullo, MD
Jennifer McCain, MD
Heather Mitchell, MD
Kathy Monroe, MD
Michele Nichols, MD
Stephanie Pool, MD
Annalise Sorrentino, MD
Marjorie Lee White, MD