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Physical Therapy & Weight Management

Weight ManagementDid you know that...
Inactivity and overall fitness play a HUGE role in childhood obesity.
Children and teens who are overweight may have:

  • Stiff joints that may be hard to move or cause pain
  • Decreased flexibility
  • Low endurance or difficulty keeping up with their peers in active play
  • Loss of strength
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue or tire easily even with brief activity
  • Hip, knee, or ankle pain
  • Higher chances of injury or hurting themselves
  • Arch problems in feet that interfere with activity

Physical therapists are considered experts in activity and identifying ways to help. Physical therapy involves promoting the ability to move and be active by reducing pain, restoring function, and preventing disability. For individuals who are overweight, a physical therapist can evaluate joint function, muscle strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and endurance. Proper progression of exercise, joint protection, and safety during exercise is also an important part of the evaluation and treatment for children who are overwieght. Physical therapists work with families to help them find fun, new ways to get moving! Families also enjoy learning how hard they need to work or the intensity of exercise that best suits their needs. As part of the weight management team, the physical therapist can help kids increase their energy level, decrease fatigue, and eventually keep up with their peers in games and activities they love. In our clinic physical therapists work with the family to meet their individual needs and find specificgoals thatwill keep the whole family moving!

Physical therapists are excited to be a part of the weight management team at Children's Hospital!