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Outpatient Clinics

In addition to therapy, the following specialized services and comprehensive outpatient clinics are available:

General Rehabilitation Clinic — Through this clinic children are evaluated and rehabilitation treatment programs are designed. Progress, outcomes and future needs of the child are monitored. To schedule a patient appointment, call 205-638-9790.

Hospital Follow-Up Clinic — After inpatient discharge, the rehabilitation team will follow your child through this clinic. The first visit generally occurs one month after inpatient hospital discharge. At this clinic, you will see physicians, therapists and other team members. Your child's progress will be assessed and the treatment program will be modified to meet the ongoing medical and rehabilitation needs. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 205-638-7534.


Brachial Plexus Clinic — The clinic is amultidisciplinary clinic which addresses the needs of children primarily with neonatal brachial plexus injuries. This clinic is staffed by a pediatric neurosurgeon, a pediatric rehabilitation physician and an occupational therapist with expertise in brachial plexus injuries. Through this clinic, we are able to offer services to provide both state of the art reconstructive surgical procedures as well as ongoing rehabilitative needs, both before and after surgery. Consultations are available by orthopedic surgeons outside the clinic. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Nadine Bradley, RN at 205-638-9653.

MuscularDystrophy Association (MDA) Clinic — This clinic offers a multidisciplinary team approach toward theinitial diagnosis and follow-up care. The team consists of physicians from the following specialties: neurology, pulmonary and rehabilitation medicine, as well asoccupational therapy, physical therapy and therapeutic recreation. Individuals suspectedby their physician of having neuromuscular disorders included in the MDA's program have access to a network of services. The MDA medical staff can advise about the initial diagnosis and recommend measures to medically manage neuromuscular disease. Follow-up care ranges from management of symptoms to medical intervention designed to assist individuals in maintaining the highest possible quality of life. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 205-638-9941.

Movement Disorder / Spasticity Clinic — There are many options for managing spasticity, including oral medications, injected medications, Baclofen Pump, orthopedic surgery, Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, Physical therapy, Occupational therapy and casting and bracing. Choosing the treatment option and deciding the timing of intervention for your child may seem overwhelming. At Children's of Alabama, our spasticity team can help you make these decisions. We offer comprehensive, coordinated care for children, adolescents and young adults with spasticity. Our team includes the family, therapists and internationally-renowned physicians and health care professionals with expertise in the most advanced methods for treating spasticity. The team evaluates the child's strength, range of motion, functional skills, degree of spasticity and ability to participate in the spasticity management program. We will consider the child's medical history, age, physical health, development level and cause of spasticity before making suggestions for treatment. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call205-638-9941.

Spina Bifida Clinic — The Spina Bifida Clinic is held in Clinic 3 of the hospital on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. We use an interdisciplinary approach to care for our children. On a typical clinic visit, our children may see up to four physicians in different specialty areas including urology, neurosurgery, orthopedics and pediatric rehabilitation medicine as well as nurses, nurse practitioners and physical and occupational therapists. Multiple tests may also be scheduled on this day, including CT scans, ultrasound, MRI and/or x-rays. Our team works together to make your visit run smoothly and coordinate your care to reduce visits on multiple days to different specialists. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Betsy Hopson at 205-638-5281.

Teen Transition Clinic — This is a clinic for youth with special health care needs from ages 12-21 who are beginning to plan for transition into adulthood. During this visit, youth and caregivers discuss their goals and explore their options for the future. The clinic team, including the child and family, collaborate to address issues and problems in planning for the future. Issues include: general and specialized health care; identifying adolescent physical and emotional health risks; career interests, training and goals; social activities and expectations; linkages with community agencies; schools, physicians and others; independent living; recreation; immunizations; and nutrition. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the CRS office at 205-290-4599.