Community Programs

Below is a list of community programs coordinated through Health and Safety Information. If you have a need for further information then please call or write: Patient Health and Safety Information at 205-638-3218 or 1-866-800-7259. The department is located in the main lobby of Children's of Alabama, Russell Building. Hours are weekdays from 7:30 a.m. till 4:00 p.m.

Our mailing address is:
Patient Health and Safety Information
1600 7th Avenue South
Birmingham, Alabama 35233


Currently on hold due to COVID restrictions.

BodyTrek is a mobile, free-standing unit that travels to schools within 55 miles of Children's of Alabama. BodyTrek's mission is to provide children with a learning experience which will enable them to make positive health choices now and in the future. Truly innovative in its design, BodyTrek will deliver a supportive and sensitive learning experience for children through a series of interactive exhibits that make learning about good health and healthy choices interesting and fun.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama and Children's of Alabama collaborated to create BodyTrek. It's a place where children from kindergarten through the fifth grade will learn about health and safety. The interactive focus areas of the exhibit include the heart, lungs, skin, nutrition, senses, brain, hygiene and injury prevention.

Children deserve a healthy start. Through BodyTrek, they will experience an exciting journey through the human mind, body, and senses that can provide information they may use for the rest of their lives.

Healthy children become healthy adults. That's BodyTrek's mission in the community! For more information about BodyTrek, call 205-638-3218 or 1-866-800-7259.

Bike Helmets

Bike Helmets are available to the public at $10 per helmet. Please call for availability 205-638-3218.

Car Seats

Car Seats are only available for a Children's of Alabama patient that does not have a car seat at the time of discharge. Family must view a short video about car seat usage prior to receiving the car seat.

Safe Sitter

Safe Sitter is a medically-accurate course designed for 11-13 year olds. The immediate goal is to reduce the number of accidental and preventable deaths among children being cared for by babysitters. The course stresses how to handle emergencies -- both major and minor. The course is interactive and fun. A minimal fee is charged. For more information, or to schedule a class, please call Patient Health and Safety Information at 205-638-3218.