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Nicole was born with cerebral palsy. She had a stroke while in-utero. Her diagnosis wasn't until she was about 15 months old. We were lucky, hers is very mild. BUT, was put into PT and OT immediately and has been ever since. With each growth spurt we had been able to stretch her muscles and tendons to work but this last growth spurt over the summer of 2007 we just could not do it this time. She developed Cavus Foot and would require surgery; her first ever. Dr. Killian and his team had to lengthen her heel cord and three of her tendons in her foot and then re-align her ankle bone. Surgery went as expected and all was done. She came out with a pink and green striped cast! The nurses at Children's were wonderful to her and us. Nicole does not handle pain very well but with the loving care of the nurses they were able to ease this. Her surgery was on Friday, 12/13/07 and we came home that Sunday afternoon. We were very impressed with Children's. Nurses and staff that weren't assigned to Nicole were very nice and helpful.

Children's is a wonderful hospital. If Nicole ever has to have another surgery I hope it will be here. Nicole was our miracle baby and to have such a wonderful, caring hospital to be able to go to that isn't too far of a drive is very comforting to us.