Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)



Our unit is a 48 bed level IV NICU located on the 6th floor of the Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children. The unit has two sides: the Quarterback and the Harbert side. We care for a wide range of infants including extreme prematurity to infants requiring surgery. Infants can stay up to two years of age in our unit if needed. Our goal is to provide your baby with excellent care and to help you as parents understand and cope with your baby’s illness and/or diagnosis.

Family Presence

We strongly encourage families to be with the patient. We hope that parents will be here to share information, take part in decisions and work with the healthcare team. While you are here, please take an active role in your child’s healthcare.

Telephone Numbers for the NICU:
Quarterback: 205-638-9480
Harbert: 205-638-5471
Toll Free: 888-820-6593 (parents only)

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