Halloween Safety

Before you go out:

  • Feed your children so they are not tempted to eat their candy before it can be checked
  • Make sure costumes are nonflammable and are not a tripping hazard
  • Make sure mask fit properly – child can see and breathe
  • Use non-toxic face paints

While trick or treating:

  • Go to familiar well-lit areas
  • Accompany children, bring a flashlight, and use reflective tape and treat bags
  • Glow sticks/necklaces are popular, but children may chew or break. Small amounts of the liquids are usually not a problem if swallowed. May cause severe irritation to the eye. Call the Poison Center 1-800-222-1222
  • Dry ice can be used in a punch bowl, but should never be in an individual glass.  Dry ice may cause burns to the mouth. Do not handle dry ice, because it can cause frostbite.

When you return home:

  • Always check your child’s bag of treats before allowing them to eat them.
  • Only eat candy/treats in original containers.
  • Throw away unwrapped candy or candy in torn or damaged wrappers.
  • Only allow your children to eat homemade treats from friends and family.

When in doubt, throw it out!

Is It Candy of Medicine? (PDF)