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Remembrance Fund

We Remember Remembrance Fund

A Remembrance Fund, bearing the name of a family member or friend, can be established to provide annual support to The Amelia Center by making a memorial gift of $500 or more.

This can be made as an individual memorial donation or a combined memorial donation by you, family members and friends. Once a Remembrance Fund is established, you can correspond with family members and friends, or we would be glad to make correspondence on your behalf, sharing this opportunity to support The Amelia Center by giving to your loved one's Remembrance Fund.

Each year, you will have the opportunity to send updates, or request updates to be sent, to family members and friends about their opportunity to contribute. In addition these gifts will be acknowledged in the Tears to Hope newsletter and by letter to family members and friends at your request.

The Remembrance Fund will be recognized with a plaque on the "We Remember..." wall in The Amelia Center lobby. A photograph of the person being remembered and other information will be needed to create the plaque. Please see one of The Amelia Center staff for specific details. Call 205-638-7481 or email Robert Smith.

We Remember Them

CarterAdamsPlaque.jpg CeeJayBarnettePlaque.jpg Frances  Barber Plaque.jpg
Barnes2.jpg CeeJayBarnettePlaque.jpg John Tidwell Barr Plaque.jpg
Katie Blake Plaque.jpg Max Blalock III Michael-Bonner.jpg
Drew_Brand_plaque.jpg Joey-Brewer.jpg Katie_Burkett2.jpg
Camilla Alexandra Caycedo Luke_Clayton_plaque.jpg Paul-D-Collins.jpg
Chris-Cope2.jpg Robbie-Crawford3.jpg Zachary James Cuneo
Peyton-Dabbs.jpg Bobby Daily Remembrance plaque.jpg Jarred_C _Darby.jpg
Matthew Mattie Paul Dudley.jpg ColeEllis.jpg Glenn-Feldman.jpg
Patrick_Fritze.jpg Brandon-Gibson2.jpg Wint_Gilmore_Plaque.jpg
Matthew-Glazier.jpg Golson_name.jpg Graffeo_Name.jpg
Zachary Jaylon Greer-plaque.jpg Leighton-Harre2.jpg Scott_Heaton2.jpg
Trip-Henley.jpg Nancy_Moore_Herring_plaque.jpg Joiandra-Hinton.jpg
Maddie-Hodge2.jpg Holyfield_Name.jpg Aaron-Huffstetler2.jpg
DennisAndersonPlaque.jpg Jennifer Kemp Harper Plaque.jpg John Franklin Kelley
GraysonKentPlaque.jpg Chris-Klask.jpg Kretzer2.jpg
Lilly_Belle_Kulungian_plaque.jpg Eric-Lawson_3.jpg Matthew-Lowery.jpg
Curtis Andrew McCall GeorgeMorrisPlaque.jpg William Reid Nelson
Nicholas2.jpg Nolan_Stowe_Pair2.jpg Jamie_Patty-Fassina.jpg
TroyPaulmeno.jpg Dana_Phillips2.jpg Olivia_Charles_Pricket2.jpg
Jenifer_B_Rotenstreich2.jpg Bella_Hope_Rushing.jpg Michael_James_Stewart2.jpg
Jai Christopher Watters.jpg  Quinton_Kelley_Watters_Plaque.jpg Duan_Zhu_plaque.jpg