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Sports Related Forms

Participating in sports is a wonderful way for our kids to stay healthy and strong.  The coach will ask that your child have a complete physical exam within one year (365 days) of beginning their chosen sport.  The coach will also ask that a sports form be completed by the parent and your child's doctor, confirming that your child is healthy enough to participate.

If your child needs to submit a sports participation form for the coach, you can download and print the two page form at home.  You can then fill in all of the blanks on the first page and send us both pages for review and completion.  If you child has not been seen for a well check up in the last 365 days our staff will work with you to set up an appointment.

If your child has had a well visit in the last year, we will fill out the second page of the form based upon that last well checkup.  You can arrange to pick up the form 3 business days after it has been dropped off or leave us a self adressed stamped envelope so we can mail it back to you.  We cannot mail the forms directly to the coach due to medical privacy laws.

To be valid, the sports form must bear the signature and address stamp from your doctor.

The parent must fill in the first page of the form completely, or we will be unable to do our part on the second page.

Please be advised that if the completion of the sports form is not in conjunction with an office visit there will be a $5 fee assessed.

Download the Sports Participation Form.