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It is extremely important that someone from our Anesthesia Department speak with you the day before surgery. Please list the numbers where you can be reached before 1:00 PM

May we leave a detailed message at any of these numbers?
Was your child premature?
Did they require further treatment due to prematurity?
Does your child now experience any complications resulting from prematurity?
Has your child had surgery or been hospitalized for any reason before?
Has a blood relative had a serious complication other than nausea with anesthesia?
Does any blood relative have muscular dystrophy or hemophilia?
Are your child’s immunizations up to date?
Has your child been exposed to a contagious disease (Chicken Pox, Strep, intestinal infection, pink eye, lice, ringworm, etc.) within the last three weeks?
Does your child have any of the following:
Have you ever needed a nebulizer or inhaler?