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New Parent FAQs

How do I let Mayfair know that my baby has been born?
When you arrive at the hospital for your delivery, the staff will ask you who will be your baby's pediatrician. After the baby is born, they will call our office and one of our pediatricians will come see your new baby.

When will you see our baby in the hospital?
We will come see your baby within 24 hours of birth. We will continue to see you and your baby every morning thereafter while you are in the hospital.

When will we come to Mayfair for our first visit?

This can vary depending on several issues. If you are a first time mom and/or if this is your first time breastfeeding, we will likely want to see you within a couple of days of discharge from the hospital to check the baby's weight. If you have several children and your baby is gaining weight well in the nursery, your first appointment may be when your baby is 1 week old.

At which hospitals do Mayfair Medical Group's pediatricians examine babies?
Our pediatricians will visit and examine newborns at St.Vincent's Hospital and Brookwood Hospital. If you deliver at other hospitals, pediatric staff members of those hospitals will examine your baby. Your pediatrician at Mayfair will be happy to examine your baby at a follow up visit within one week at our office.

Other things you may want to discuss with your physician or questions regarding circumcision, breastfeeding, concerns about sleep methods, items you may need to have at home for the baby, etc. Please feel free to bring a list of your questions so we will be certain to address all of your concerns.