Children's Counts

Once every 10 years, the federal government holds a Census count. This year, it’s critically important that everyone in Alabama is counted. Why?

  • Our state is in danger of losing one of our congressional seats. We don’t need any less representation in Washington.
  • Alabama can obtain $13 billion in federal funding used to improve our state’s future. This money means better health care, schools, roads, job opportunities, housing assistance and more. Several of our health care programs are given federal dollars based on population.

Everyone will receive a postcard in this month from the U.S. Census Bureau with instructions. You can complete it in three ways: online, telephone or a mailable paper form. On average, it only takes 6 minutes to complete.

Alabama’s hospitals employ approximately 90,000 individuals. If you multiply that by their family members, hospitals represent almost 6 percent of our state’s population. Let’s make Children’s employees/staff count! Visit the Census Bureau detailing how to get started online using a User ID code that is individual to every person.

For complete information, visit the United States Census Bureau website