Geneva County
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Submitted by Beth Hall

Our daughter was almost 14 months old when she developed a cough that worsened at night. She was taken to a local physician then to Southeastern Pediatrics in Dothan. After a five day stay in a hospital we returned home but the cough worsened with Randi coughing and choking while up on her knees and elbows in her baby bed. My father contacted Dr. Bill Benton, a high school friend and Children's physician, who instructed us to bring Randi to Birmingham. We made the trip in record time with my father driving faster with each coughing spell. Once there, we were met by Dr. Benton and Randi was placed on ICU. For the first time in 7 days, I was able to rest because I knew Randi was being cared for. She was tested for cystic fibrosis and pertussis. She was positive for pertussis (whooping cough) and returned home. We were told that if she had been younger than one year or not had her vaccinations, it could have been fatal. She is now 23 years old, has a degree in Health Services Administration from Auburn University and works for Childs Medical Clinic. Thank you, Children’s Hospital. Tom and Beth Hall.